Are you a soon-to-be bride or groom? If yes, book a spa appointment immediately. It’s the biggest day of your life, right? Everything has to be perfect—right down to your fingers and toes, especially if you’re wearing sandals or having a beach wedding.


Fortunately for you, we caught up with Carol Jo Pisciotta, lead nail technician at New York City’s Bliss49 Spa, to get the secret tips on how you can have flawless-looking nails ready for those wedding day ring shots.


circle_1 Exfoliate once per day with a soft scrub to remove the dead skin.
circle_2 Moisturize daily with a thick cream and use oil to soften the cuticle.
circle_3 Put a coat of nail strengthener on to harden the nails and help them grow.


circle_1 Moisturize using a cuticle oil and cream daily.
circle_2 Push back the cuticle back with a pusher or orange wood stick to remove build up.
circle_3 Buff the nails using a soft buffer to remove ridges and give them a shine.


A few days before the wedding, treat yourself to couples nail treatments to ensure fingers and toes are in tiptop shape. “This is a great way to spend time together while getting pampered and helps to relax and get rid of pre-wedding stress,” Pisciotta says.

 If you’re near a Bliss Salon, try one of their “wedding packages” for the ultimate luxurious experience. We love the “Wedding Belles”, “Premarital Pore-Fection” and “Perfectly Groomed” packages!