Mmm, ice cream—we could eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Apple-y Ever After if it wasn’t for the calories! If you’re an ice cream addict, you should think of serving it at your wedding alongside your cake or serve an ice cream dessert, such as gourmet ice cream cookie sandwiches. Or if you’re a real ice cream lover, make it part of your wedding entertainment, just like Corynn and Connie did at their Massachusetts wedding!

Here are a few fun ideas to consider:



Amy at the blog Eat Drink Chic has an example of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that can easily be replicated for any event. Remember that in addition to the ice cream you’ll need toppings—and a lot of them—for guests to create their favorite combinations. As for the design of the table, use your wedding colors as a guide for the vessels, tableware and signage. Amy posts free templates you can download. Visit Eat Drink Chic to see more details of this sundae bar.




Find out if your local ice cream parlor has a stand they can set-up at your wedding venue. Fill it with your favorite flavors and give guests an option of cup or cone. I love this idea for an outdoor after-party. The vintage cart shown here is from Sweet Lucie’s based in Southern California.



Give your guests more than just a scoop by renting a vintage Good Humor ice cream truck and stock it with your favorite bars! There’s a large assortment you can choose from—Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Eclair, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Shortcake and Ice Cream Sandwiches just to name a few. You can do a quick Google search to find a truck for hire in your area. The one shown here is available from Gold Coast Ice Cream on Long Island in New York.