Engagement photos are cute, but don’t you want to preserve you and your sweetie’s sexiness before you grow old and gray together? Enter: boudoir photography





Why we got them: “We wanted something different than your tradition, run-of-the mill couple-y photos. A lot of photo sets end up looking really forced, and we definitely wanted to avoid that. We figured the boudoir shoot was a good way to capture the essence of who we both are as individuals, yet how we also play off and love one another.”

On the experience: “It was different than I expected but immensely satisfying. I expected an America’s Next Top Model-like setup where we would be given lots of direction—‘smile with your eyes.’ Instead, Max gave us some general guidance but left a lot of things up to us. It was a fun, sexy experience for both of us.”


robyn and sara 1

robyn and sara 2


Why we got them: “We are not a cookie-cutter couple, and we’re not crazy about awkward prom picture poses. This was the answer.”

What we’ll do with the photos:We have made an album from the boudoir photographs, and we pull it over every now and again because it brings a smile to our faces to look at these photos that illustrate such love and laughter.  We know these photographs will bring the same feeling 50 years from now, and that is something words cannot describe.”


brandon and brandon 1

brandon and brandon 2


Why we got them: “Although we were engaged at the time of the photo shoot, our purpose was more about capturing a moment in our shared life together and less about creating a specifically labeled end-product.”
Would you recommend the experience to other couples? “Definitely. It is a great alternative to standard, more formal photo shoots. We are so happy to have this beautiful documentation of us together.”


Photos by Margaret Singer and Max Freeman of Unusually Fine Photography in New York City, www.unusuallyfine.com