Q What are your thoughts on registering for cash? My fiancé and I have found a few websites set up for this purpose. We’ve been together for eight years, and we don’t really need a bunch of new gadgets, pots and pans. But we could definitely use cash to help us pay for the wedding, our honeymoon and our life together.

A I’m no elderly hen and the less traditional folks will surely disagree with me, but I find it quite tacky. And many of your guests might find it equally offensive. If you’re in need of some Benjamins (aren’t we all?), why not register for honeymoon assistance? There are dozens of sites for this, but I like HoneyFund.com since there are no fees attached to it. It still might ruffle some guest’s feathers, so be sure to also register for some new-fangled gadgets or new pans (think of it as an upgrade on what you already own). As far as wanting cash to pay for your wedding, it sounds like you might be planning a celebration beyond your means and you might need to scale back your plans or do some of it yourself. For hints on DIY weddings, visit our DIY section for some money-saving tips.

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