Times, they are a’changing! Let’s 86 the traditional mail-back style RSVP card, and have guests RSVP online. Here are six benefits to offering online RSVP options to your wedding guests, even when you’re sending a full wedding invitation suite.

1 / So many people these days have immediate access to technology that even our grandparents have learned to surf the web. It will be easier for your guests to visit your wedding website, send an email or even a text message to let you know if they can attend.

2 / You will get instant replies. No more waiting on the mail, crossing your fingers all the RSVP cards make their way back to you.

3 / You put in the time to build a beautiful wedding website, so asking guests to visit your site to RSVP will make them a captive audience to peruse your site and find more important wedding details.

4 / Using traditional mail-back style cards will require you to provide postage for your guests to send the cards back, so opting for an online RSVP will save you on postage costs.

5 / You might be able to cut down on the number of cards you need to include in your invitation suite. Instead of having a separate RSVP card, you can combine other wedding details with the online RSVP information; potentially another cost-saving measure.

6 / If you have guests that live in different countries or remote areas, asking them to return an RSVP card could take ages and the postage will cost more. The online RSVP is ideal if your guests live abroad.

I know it can be hard to break with tradition, but take the leap! This one has some really big benefits. If you still aren’t sure if some of your less tech-savvy guests can figure out an online RSVP, ask your stationer if you can order just a small batch of traditional mail-back cards, just for those guests.

Image courtesy of Momental Designs