Looking to create that perfect five o’ clock shadow for your wedding day, but struggling with how to get the ideal length so it’s not too clean, but not too long? We consulted Diane Wood, the Remington King of Shaves master barber, to ensure you have the best rugged-chic look for your wedding day. Follow these tips:

  1. Let your beard grow for a couple of days.
  2. Use an electric trimmer to start cleaning it up a bit. Try the Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer.
  3. Pop up the beard trimmer and adjust to your desired beard length.
  4. Start buzzing from the chin and move upwards and you will have the perfect five o’ clock shadow in two minutes.


Now for the biggest question—will this look good on you? Fortunately, the scruffy image looks great with many hair types. “The five o’ clock shadow works best with darker blonde, brown or black hair and not as much with light blond or red hair,” according to Wood. However, if you do have lighter hair, still give the look a try just in case! It could look amazing.

Follow these quick tips and you will have a striking Adam Levine-inspired allure when you say, “I do.”