Love is in the Air
Adding a signature scent to your wedding

Pssst. Your wedding is going to have a distinct aroma. By choosing a signature scent, you’ll be in control of what your guests are sniffing.

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Former flight attendant Theresa Cangialosi first discovered aromatherapy overseas. “I was introduced to essential oils in Europe,” she recalls, “especially in Germany and the United Kingdom. There was nothing like that back here in the United States.” She explored, experimented and so valued the products that she opened SoBotanical in Baltimore, Md., in 1987 to ensure the availability of aromatherapy products at home.

In the past several years, Cangialosi has helped a growing number of couples create signature scents for their weddings. “A wedding can be remembered for what it smells like, whether it’s a beach or a special flower,” she says. “Scent memory lasts quite awhile; it’s a way to create a memory of the celebration; it puts a strong impact on the moment.” Sounds appealing? Cangialosi offers these tips:

Plan Ahead Creating a custom blend takes time. “It can’t be done last minute or right on the spot,” says Cangialosi. It’s also best done in person rather than online or over the phone, so that it’s possible for you to sniff samples.

Determine Use How, when and where will it be used? “It doesn’t necessarily have to be worn,” she says. Alternate options include misting it in the air or adding it to soaps, candles or creams.

Know Who If the intent is for the scent to be worn as a perfume, decide if it will be used solely by the couple or the entire wedding party.

Personalize Incorporate your favorite scents into the custom blend. “You want to bring your personality to the particular scent,” says Cangialosi. A professional perfumer or aromatherapist may know the chemistry of blending, but your opinion and preferences ensure personal results.

Note Trends Whether you want to follow or buck the trend, be aware that soft floral aromas are the most popular wedding scents. “Jasmine, rose, vanilla and bergamot have a nice soft touch,” says Cangialosi.

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