Marriage equality is the topic of discussion in the Maryland state Senate, The Advocate and Associated Press report. Lawmakers began debate on Thursday about the introduced gay marriage bill. Anti-gay forces are crafting bill-killing amendments that would eradicate the gay marriage bill.


Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

Maryland House of Delegates passed the bill by a 72-67 vote last week. Its version delays implementation until Jan. 2013, while keeping it from becoming effective until a possible referendum’s litigation is resolved.

Opponents sought Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler’s feedback on the legislation’s constitutionality. Gansler confirmed they passed muster.

Debate could potentially last until Friday, according to Miller. Thanks to a 7-4 vote Tuesday, a Senate panel pushed the bill to the floor. It’s expected to pass. A marriage equality bill passed last year by a bipartisan vote of 25-21.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley promised to sign the bill. Opponents are preparing for a referendum.