A marriage equality bill has come to New Jersey’s capitol. The state senate judiciary committee will ponder S.1—the Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act—in Trenton at 11 a.m. Tuesday, according to The Advocate.


Remi Lourenco, 20, of Harrison, N.J., holds a sign during a gay marriage rally held in support of gay marriage in Hoboken in July.

In fact, the committee is slated to vote on the gay marriage bill at the hearing’s end. It will hear testimony from both pro- and anti-gay marriage forces.

A Quinnipiac poll, released last week, noted 52 percent of New Jersey voters support marriage equality.

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie promised to veto a marriage equality bill as a candidate. Now, he’s become a tad less adamant about marriage equality opposition.

“The fact is that this is a huge societal change that they’re talking about here, and I think that we need to do this in a very deliberate and thoughtful way,” Christie has said.

The hearing will be in Committee Room 4 at the State House, 125 W. State St.


Photo: nj.com