The ombre effect is still in the spotlight, but instead of fashion, décor or even cakes, it’s appearing in beauty. From hair to nails, lips to eyes, we show ways to add the two-tone trend to your bridal beauty look.



For a look that is subtly dramatic, the gradient effect can be achieved in three simple steps. Begin with a dark shade closest to the lash line, then sweep the medium shade across the lid and finish with the lightest color at the brow bone. Expert tip: Use a brush with a fluffy texture for blending ease. We love Chanel’s Les 4 Ombre Quadra Eyeshadow (available at Nordstrom for $59) to ensure color cohesiveness.

We’ve always turned to our colorists to recreate the celeb-favored ombre dye look, but L’Oreal is now making it possible to DIY. The brand recently launched Wild Ombre kits, available in tones to match light, medium and dark hair colors. Each is equipped with a plastic brush to help you get that tricky shift in shade just right.


This mani went mainstream last year and seems to be sticking around. Create this two-tone trend by applying two coats of the base color. Once completely dried, dip a makeup sponge into your second shade and dab the tips of your nails in quick, short strokes. The top coat will act as a re-wetting agent and naturally bleed the two colors together to create an ombre effect.


The most recent addition to the ombre obsession is ombre lips, which grew increasingly popular on beauty blogs this past holiday season. Apply your shade of choice to the top lip, and lightly blot so that it sticks to the bottom. Add a clear gloss to the bottom lip, pulling the color out from the center of the lip to create the faded, fashion-forward look. (We recommend this video for a step-by-step how-to.) Unfortunately, this effect is not long-lasting, so be sure to either keep lipstick handy for touch-ups or use only for photos and resort to a normal lip color for the actual event.