Dana and Kat had their engagement session outdoors in a private residence in Oregon. This couple have been together for four years now, and when they first met they started slow and took their time to get to know one another as friends first. Patience is truly a virtue! In a few months, they’re going to tie the knot at an arboretem in Portland. 




Dana and Kat met online in early March of 2012, connecting over the book “Wild Feminine” by Tami Lynn Kent. Kat intuited that someone would comment about that particular book and sure enough, Dana took the bait. On March 24, 2012, they met in person for coffee, which turned into a walk, which turned into dinner. Dana called Kat the next day to let her know that she’d like to date, but Kat said, “let’s be friends and get to know each other first!” Dana felt a little rejected, but was not discouraged. By July they were officially dating.

Their engagement was a little bit non-traditional in that Dana asked Kat repeatedly to marry her, but Kat was not ready and kept turning down her request. Finally, in February of 2015, with Dana down on one knee in their kitchen, Kat said yes without hesitation or second guessing. The couple are taking their time planning their wedding. After nineteen months of engagement, Kat and Dana will say their vows at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, Oregon. Recently we made some engagement portraits and we had the best time. They donned some simple casual attire and we met up at a park on a beautiful morning in Salem, Oregon. We all laughed a lot that day, to the point of tears at times.


Photography: Kel Ward Photography