Michael and Dan recently became fathers, and they wanted to have their journey documented by Morgan Miller, who also captured their wedding. She says Sebastian is the most well-behaved and photogenic baby. She was honored to be a part of this session. 




Parenthood has been a complete joy. It has been interesting for us to learn how true it is when people say kids change your life. What they don’t really tell you is how much you won’t mind that it’s changed. It’s almost like you can’t remember what life was like before, because being a parent fundamentally changes who you are as a person. You quickly realize you are not the most important person in the room anymore, and it’s so natural that at times you can even forget what it was like before. US being dads has been and will continue to be the hardest yet most rewarding job we’ve ever had. Now we look forward to seeing the world through Sebastian’s eyes, not just seeing it. We have always loved to travel, and when he was 16 months old, we went on a vacation (while he partied with Nana and Papa). Our travelling perspective was just so different. We spent over a week in Thailand thinking about how much fun he would have there, what activities he would enjoy, and how we couldn’t wait to bring him back there. We’re so in love with our family. 


Photography: Morgan Miller Photography