Her passion for feminine silhouettes and her sweet, Southern charm made her a fan-favorite during her Project Runway days, but did you know that Carol Hannah is quickly becoming the most talked about new designer on the bridal fashion scene? Carol Hannah’s wedding collection is now available for purchase and the gowns are sweet, chic and so much fun. Carol Hannah spoke with Equally Wed on what inspires her, her gown picks for fall and finding the best look for you and your partner.


EW: What type of bride did you have in mind for this collection?

CH: My bride is a little bit nontraditional, but a touch more relaxed, and is sassy and fun for sure!


EW: What everyday things inspire you?

CH: Architecture, nature and combinations of textures inspire me wherever I see them.


EW: Which of your gowns would be best for a fall wedding?

CH: For fall, I’d choose the Archdale Street, Beaufain Street, or the Anson Street gowns.  They have a little more color, and autumn always makes me think of rich, saturated colors.


EW: What advice do you have for a bride picking her gown and partners choosing gowns together?

CH: Keep an open mind. Most girls choose gowns that they didn’t initially come in for. Also, I don’t recommend taking a big crew shopping—it’s hard to make a big decision when five different people are telling you different things at once! I think that girls shouldn’t worry too much about coordinating their gowns or overshadowing each other in terms of what they wear. It’s nice when there’s a tie-in between styles, but it doesn’t have to be obvious or in your face. Your wedding day is a celebration of BOTH of you, so just choose something you love!


Carol Hannah is hard at work on her next wedding collection to be shown during bridal fashion week this October in NYC. Stay in the know about new retailers and styles on http://carol-hannah.com/.