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February may be the month in which most of the world thinks about the color pink, hearts, roses and cards thanks to the memory of dear St. Valentine, but there’s no hard and fast rule that says the amount of time spent thinking of romance has to be as short as the month in which the holiday occurs.

Couples, especially those with busy work schedules or children, need to make romantic travel a priority in order to keep the relationship strong. It doesn’t matter if your vacation has to be in June or January, there are plenty of great places to go and things to do no matter what page your calendar is on.

Romantic Trip Ideas

Keep your love life as hot as some good Sichuan-style food by implementing some of these trip ideas and tips on your next romantic getaway:


Christmastime may be the only opportunity you have to get your partner away for a bit, but if the thought of being away from the familiarity of the decorated tree, stockings and home baked treats is a too much to bear, consider taking an artificial Christmas tree and some trimmings along. Place it in your hotel room and decorate it with a few strings of lights. Alternatively you can surprise your partner upon arrival and have a Christmas tree delivered to the hotel before your arrival.

For an inexpensive outing and souvenir, head out to buy a couple of ornaments to put on your tree. Don’t forget the biscuits and hot cocoa, too. Back at the hotel, decorate the tree, turn down the room’s lights, turn on the tree’s lights and see where the night goes.

Jewish? Pack up your Mennorah during Hanukkah, and some delicious Sufganiyot to nosh on while celebrating the Festival of Lights.

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It’s always great to get away with your partner, but being together 24/7 can take its toll on the two of you, especially if you’re not used to being together for more than a few hours at a time. A bicycling tour through the vineyards of France is just the thing to give the two of you a little alone time while riding and enjoying the countryside together. At the restaurant, do something out of the ordinary—sit side-by-side and hold hands, start the meal with Champagne, or feed each other dessert (or ask for it to go and do your special serving at the hotel). 

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Just when the summer heat is at its peak and you think you can’t stand it anymore, head somewhere north, such as Sweden, and enjoy some outdoor activities in a climate that doesn’t make you break into a sweat just by lacing up your hiking boots. Take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery while eating a picnic lunch of finger foods for anything but a typical meal. After lunch, turn your picnic blanket into a bed and have a short nap in the outdoors.

Head to one of the secluded, lesser-known beaches in Brazil, where you can have a beach all to yourself. While you’ll need to be prepare yourself for the long journey down there, the beaches in Caraiva, Brazil are described as paradise, according to a visitor who wrote about his trip in the Guardian. Enjoy a candlelit dinner in a town which got electricity less than a decade ago and an experience a trip in which the two of you are each other’s only entertainment.

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Try something different by going on a road trip and choosing self-catered accommodations to have a more comfortable, and less expensive, stay. Road trips can be hard on your vehicle, so consider renting a car. According to a Toyota car rental site, daily rentals can range from $30 to $95 depending on what size vehicle you opt for. When you get to your location, cook your favorite foods, relax on comfy sofas and sleep in soft beds. Go out to the market and buy flowers to make the house more fragrant, cook your partner breakfast in bed, go on a nature walk to enjoy the changing colors of the season and end the evening reading or just talking while cuddled up in front of the fireplace.

Even if you’re in a stage of life where you spend more time in the office working to get to the next level or wiping the runny noses of your kids than you do being romantic with your partner, make it a priority to have an annual holiday—just the two of you—even if it’s only an overnight trip. Even the simplest hotel stay can be made into a night to remember if you make plans to include a little romance.

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