Creative ideas to let guests know you’re getting hitched

Once you’ve set the date, make sure to tell your guests when and where you’re getting married so they save it. A save-the-date card should be sent to family and friends who are 100 percent invited to your wedding. If someone receives one they must then receive a wedding invitation, so limit the save-the-date mailing list to those must-invite guests like Aunt Edith, Uncle Joe and your college roommate.

A save-the-date card can be as detailed as you want it to be. Always include your names, wedding date and the city and state of the wedding along with the line “Invitation to Follow.” I remember my husband getting calls from friends saying I didn’t include the time and an RSVP card on our invitation when they received the save the date to our wedding.

If you are having a destination wedding or many of your guests will have to travel to your wedding you should include travel information such as, nearby hotels with the discount code to book rooms and airline information.

If you created a wedding website you can include the url, but I wouldn’t add where you’re registered for etiquette reasons. That information gets spread by word of mouth and it can be listed on your wedding website.

Here are some creative ideas for save-the-date cards:


Send your save the date details on a magnet so guests can stick it on their fridge. I personally love useful wedding items—magnets, edible favors—because they can be used and enjoyed and won’t end up in a rubbish pile or on sale at the next garage sale. Style name: Vivid Verve. Price based on quantity ordered.


A flat card is available in a variety of sizes, so depending on how much information you need to share you can choose the appropriate card. The one shown here is 5” x 3.5” but there are also, 4” x 5.25” and 5” x 7” available. Style name: Falling Petals, available in black, chocolate, sky martini and cabernet (shown). Price based on card size and quantity ordered.


The design you choose can emphasize your names, the date or the location, especially for a destination wedding. This card puts emphasis on the wedding date, which is printed in a large and bold font. Style name: Monogrammed Grace. Price based on quantity ordered.


The save-the-date card doesn’t have to set the tone for your wedding the way a wedding invitation does, but if you are having a formal wedding your save the date can be a classic ivory and black card like this design. Style name: Traditional Script. Available in chambord, willow, chocolate and black (shown). Price based on quantity ordered.


Postcard save-the-date cards became popular a few years ago as both a creative design and an easy way to save money on postage. In addition to the wedding details you can add additional details to the card next to the section where you write the receiver’s address. That information can be travel related, the story of how you met or leave it blank and write a personal note to each guest. Style name: Carved Birds. Available in stream (shown), green tea and daiquiri. Price based on quantity ordered.

Anne Chertoff is the author of The Wedding Organizer available at