Planning the big day generally involves a lot of spending and oftentimes brides, grooms and brooms start worrying about their carbon footprint with all the products, vendors, gas and services used. Lucky for us, Liz Johnston, an eco-friendly expert and owner of the Greener Good, a green lifestyle boutique, offers some great tips for a greener wedding.

Green Wedding Tips
By Liz Johnston

1. Use living flower arrangements on tables.
2. Shop for gorgeous vintage dresses/tuxes.
3. Give vintage rings when you exchange your vows.
4. Make sure the diamonds you buy are certified “conflict-free.”
5. Ask your guests to offset their travel as a wedding present to you.
6. Use post-consumer recycled paper, tree free paper and recyclable paper for invitations, programs, etc.
7. Pick bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again.
8. Wear family accessories, borrow from a friend or buy vintage.
9. Use branches, leaves, berries and other natural items as table decorations.
10. Use the bouquets as centerpieces.
11. Serve organic food, wine and beer.
12. Use real plates and linens instead of disposables.
13. Donate the centerpieces and flowers to a hospital or retirement/nursing home.
14. Share pictures digitally.
15. Give organic chocolate or soy candles as favors.
16. Register with The Greener Good, of course!


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