Nate and John both planned on proposing to one another on their trip with friends to the South African countryside, filled with luscious greens and beautiful mountains. With the help of their friends, Nate popped the question first, and Emily and Thomas (their photographers) were there to capture the special moment.




Thomas, my husband, and I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa with one of our wedding couples, Alana and Justin. Being that it was such an amazing opportunity, a few of their friends tagged along too!

Nate and John were a pair of their close friends and we got to share a car with them during our time in Africa. Over the course of the trip, we got to know them quite well. We learned a lot about their relationship, their careers, their goals, and what had brought them on this adventure. It was clear they both cared so much about each other.

Nate pulled me aside during a meal and said, “I’m going to propose to John at the end of the trip…at the top of Table Mountain,” and immediately I lit up with excitement! Of course, we had to be somewhat sneaky with any conversation about it…so for the time being Thomas and I stayed in the dark.

A few days later, it was our last night in Drakensberg. Thomas and I were in the lobby of our hotel with a handful of the other Americans on the trip playing a board game as the storm clouds rolled in. Alana came over and said, “Nate’s going to propose tonight!”

“Tonight? I thought he was going to propose in Cape Town?”

“No. Tonight. I had to get him to bump it up because John told me he was going to propose to Nate in Cape Town!”

Pure panic and excitement set in at once. Alana took care of logistics while the rest of us finished our game and grabbed our cameras.

We all met up for drinks and headed down to see the view of the mountains and watch the ominous thunder clouds roll in. We then took turns getting photos in front of the gorgeous backdrop, and when it was Nate and John’s turn, Nate got down on one knee.

It was such an exciting moment – and so special to be a part of it. We all celebrated that evening – toasting to Nate and John and their life together!


Photography: Emily Katharine Photography