There’s no better time to upgrade your swimwear than in preparation for your big honeymoon. You’re starting a new life chapter, so it’s probably time to move on from that ill-fitting pair of shorts you’ve been wearing for the last five years. Follow these simple tips to find the right length for you.

If you’re on the shorter side: Choose a pair that hits somewhere between ¾ and ½ inches between the knee and hip. Anything longer will stump your figure, and the extra leg showing will elongate your body.


Aquatic Green 7-inch Board Shorts, J. Crew, $43.60


If you’re on the taller side: Your shorts should hit at or just below the knee. Don’t be tempted to buy board shorts that go halfway down the calf—you’ll only look like you’re trying to hide something.


Top to Bottom Navy Boardshorts, Quiksilver, $46


If you’re mega-fit: You can go for the short shorts. But avoid loud patterns and bright colors, unless you plan on go-go dancing afterwards.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Brushstroke Camo Swim Short, Barney’s, $128


If you’re human: No hibiscus print, ever. I’m talking to you, 1997 Old Navy fans.