Having style doesn’t solely mean relying on trends and accentuating your personal flair and aura doesn’t come easy to all and finding a signature look can add stress to the occasion. If you’re finding yourself in a pinch for time (thanks, indecision!), don’t go for all the bells and whistles and trust in minimalism. Having a sense of balance is something that transcends the values of your relationship and into the wardrobe; the simple mathematics of each becomes a philosophy. Here’s a guide to harboring an untimely appearance that will transform you into a minimalist and have you feeling your best for the big day:

circle_1 Confidence: Don’t wear something you don’t feel comfortable in or base it off another’s opinion. Only you know how to define your personal style. If you’re uncomfortable, it will come across easily.
circle_2 Thrive in Simplicity: Simple often means inexpensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to look so.
circle_3 Accessorizing accordingly: When you accessorize less it doesn’t mean you’re skimping on quality. Get a killer pair of shoes to make a statement or just keep the focus on the rock.
circle_4 Scent: Minimalism also means keeping things to the bare essentials. Choosing an appropriate scent is based off of preference but keeping it on the lighter side goes a long way. Spritz where you know your husband/wife to-be will appreciate it the most (back of the neck, the forearms).
circle_5 Decisions, Decisions: Go with your gut. Justify your love on one item and move forward from there.


Need better ideas? Here’s some inspiration for your Pinterest-piration:


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