Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful, sure, but what if you’re not a fan of cake confections? What if you can’t eat cake due to a food allergy?  Try one of these fun alternatives!



Fruit-filled pies are a lovely touch for an outdoor summer wedding, while cream-filled pies are a great addition to winter weddings and warm apple cheddar pies can spice up a fall wedding. Or serve up an array, like the ones seen here from First Prize Pies.



Cookies are a classic and very versatile, suiting any food allergy and can be made chewy or crispy, or even into ice cream sandwiches, like what grooms Nick and Paul offered guests at their Palm Springs nuptials. Cookies can also be decorated or baked into any shape to go with your wedding theme, as shown here by Rolling Pin Productions.



A summer classic can easily be made fancy by using gelato, sorbet, or yogurt instead of traditional ice cream, the way Popbar NYC makes their delicious bars.



Cake pops can still be seen on many wedding reception dessert tables because they’re easy to grab with one hand, and can be jazzed up for any season. The cake pops pictured aren’t even cake! They’re cheesecake pops. Heaven on a stick! These are perfect for shorter receptions, or for those who can’t decide between cake and candy.




This classic Sicilian dessert is traditionally filled with ricotta, which leads to a more decadent post-dinner food experience that your guests will remember. Cannolis, like the ones from Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, can be garnished with sprinkles, chocolate chips, cherries, whatever you can think of!

Kathleen Furey

Photos: Nick Ferrari for First Prize Pies; Rolling Pin Productions; Popbar;; Stuffed Artisan Cannolis