Ah, wedding style. Toss away any prior preconceived notions on what’s appropriate to wear or what you normally wear during your usual work week. Not only are you not dressing for you, you’re dressing for the groom, bride or both, depending if they’re having individual bachelor(ette) nights out. Key tips to standing out without overshadowing the man/woman of the day? Add a punch of color but use common sense. When all else fails, use a lifeline and phone a friend; it couldn’t hurt!

hangover-movieLet’s start off simple: the bachelor party. Sure, you think this is just another casual Friday, where jeans are appropriate and you’ll be slipping dollar bills in the strings of an exotic dancer, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Unlike the men of The Hangover, you’re expected to at least add a touch of personality without saying too much. Regardless of what you’re doing, whether you’re playing fantasy football and poker, heading to Vegas or having a dinner in the Hamptons, here are a couple of ideas that will make you feel comfortable while adding a dash of color to a casual evening look.


1. Camo Pants, 2. J.Crew Denim Shirt, 3. Chuck Taylor Shoes, 4. Calvin Klein Gingham Tie, 5. Michael Kors Watch; 6. Leather Bomber Jacket


Jonathan Bender is the viciously delicious managing editor to OutSpokenNYC.com, social media manager for the MA3 Agency, a sarcastic know-it-all and style-enthusiast.


Photos/Courtesy Hangover the Movie, Urban Outfitters, J.Crew, Converse, Macy’s, Michael Kors and Top Man