The Tux/Gown Slimdown
Toning core muscles improves your wedding-day figure, is good for your heart and is the surest way to a honeymoon-ready bod.

the_tux_gown_slimdown_image1Getting in shape now will make for a sexier walk down the aisle, twirls on the dance floor and, of course, look your best in your wedding-day garb you paid so much for. The simplest way to improve your overall fitness level is a consistent, core-strengthening workout.

Start by adding an enjoyable daily activity like jogging, swimming, dancing, tennis, cycling or kickboxing. If you already do one of the above, pick up another one! Increase the pace and intensity every week or two to maximize results, but don’t overdo it: Although braces and bandages do highlight your commitment skills, they’re too much of a hassle! Along the same lines, if you’re clumsy or easily distracted, avoid taking up hazard-heavy sports like rollerblading or skiing in the months before your wedding.

Best Products:

None. A tightening economy doesn’t have to equal a loosening waistline. While gyms provide convenience, motivation and a sense of community, they are by no means necessary to fitness. Neither is a Bowflex system or a treadmill. Most of us have nifty neighborhood accessories called sidewalks that offer a great core program: jogging. Plus, the added range of motion our joints experience on roads and uneven trails boosts our flexibility and works more muscles than machines that repeatedly duplicate the exact same motion. If you live in a flat area and want to add resistance, try doing laps up and down staircases.