For their fall wedding in Eagan, Minnesota, Lindsey (she/her) and Sheena (she/her) chose a seasonal color palette of forest green, silvery gray, black and cream. Their wedding party wore forest green dresses and gray suits with matching green ties, while Lindsey chose a fitted lace white dress and Sheena donned an all-black suit ensemble.

A person in a black suit with short dark hair takes a selfie with her wedding party in the background, smiling.

A white woman in a white gown stands behind a black person in a gray suit with green hair, striking a funny and expressive pose.

A bride in a black suit with short dark hair smiles at her wife.

Two brides, one white and one black, stand arm in arm next to each other, as one kisses the other on the cheek

The brides are recreational rugby players, and Sheena incorporated their love of the sport into the ceremony in a delightful and unexpected way. When asked if she took Lindsey as her wife, Sheena ran over to her side of the wedding party, pulling them into a rehearsed huddle. After taking a second, Sheena returned to the altar with a smile and said, “yes.”

A sapphire ring sits on a branch of pine

Two brides, one white and one black, stand at an altar with three triangular arches, holding hands.

A group of people in black, green and gray huddle on the side of a wedding ceremony, like a rugby team.

Two brides embrace as they share their first kiss as newlyweds

Two groups of people embrace tightly, with a bouquet of white roses in the foreground.

Lindsey and Sheena’s floral arrangements included white roses, baby’s breath and a variety of greenery and pine leaves. The fall theme was accentuated by a pumpkin custom carved with their anniversary and a set of black-and-white cupcake towers adorned with string lights. Self-sticking rhinestones, inspired by the popular HBO show Euphoria, were provided for anyone who wanted to add some glitter to their party look. The rugby brides entered the reception hall to a chorus of applause, followed by a parade of their wedding party members. The party entrance was a contest, and whoever got the most applause won. One of their bridesmaids wore a shark head, but the newlyweds won by a landslide!

A person in a green dress with a pinata shark head on dances

A white woman in a lace gown dances, with a stick-on rhinestone pattern across her forehead.

Two brides, one white and one black, share a first dance and gaze into each other's eyes.

“It was very important to us to have photos from the day that were more than just people next to each other smiling,” Lindsey says. “Looking at our photos brings us right back to that amazing day, and reminds us of the love and laughter we shared with each and every one of our guests. Our bridal personalities shine through the images and we will forever cherish these photos.”

Two brides, one white in a white gown and one black in a black suit, walk hand in hand down an outdoor path with fall foliage in the background.

Two brides, one white in a white gown and one black in a black suit, share a kiss on an outdoor path with fall foliage in the background.

Two figures share a kiss with the setting sun between then, creating a lens flar at the center point between them.

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Photographer: RKH Images

Event Venue: Eagan Community Center

Wedding Dress: Luxe Bridal

Ring Designer: Brilliant Earth

Wedding Party Attire: Azazie;  Heimie’s Haberdashery

Caterer: Mr. Pig Stuff

DJ: ASCEND Entertainment Productions

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