The British fashion house launches a special wedding shopping event

gay-weddings-thomas-pink-tie-the-knotKnown for its tailored shirts, ties and cufflinks, Thomas Pink recently launched Tie the Knot a shopping event at stores around the country where members of a wedding can have their shirt or tie monogrammed for as little as $14 and for every five ties purchased (think bridal party buys) you’ll receive a sixth tie free! (A gift for your groomsmen or butch bridesmaids, maybe?)

In addition to the free gift and savings, attendees also will receive advice on shirt and tie pairings, attend a masterclass on various ways to tie a tie and bow tie as well as how to iron a shirt, tips on how to fold and wear a breast handkerchief and at select stores enjoy glasses Chandon Rosé and complimentary cigars.

The Tie the Knot series was created in honor of the recent royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William and will last until Dec. 31, 2011, so book your reservation soon!

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Photo: Courtesy Thomas Pink