Hairstyle trials prevent any mane errors on your big day. These seven tips will help guide you through the preliminary process. 

gay-wedding-beauty-grooming-ann-merin-hairstyle-trialsA great hairstyle can be the icing on the cake for a beautiful bridal look. Just like your wedding dress or suit, it needs to be tried on beforehand to make sure the look matches the bride, and a trial run is prime time to communicate ideas and troubleshoot any issues. We asked bridal beauty expert and star of TLC’s Wedding Day Makeover, Ann Merin (right), for trial tips:


Set the Date
The first step is to make sure your stylist is available for the wedding date. Once that has been confirmed, Merin suggests no more than six weeks before the wedding. “This will give the bride time to gather everything she should bring,” Merin says. “A trial scheduled too far in advance may cause the bride to overthink her decisions, which can be a recipe for disaster.”


Style Essentials
Brides should bring four items to their trial: veil, pictures of style ideas, any headpieces and/or accessories, and pictures of her dress to make sure the styles complement each other.

Hair Tab
“Stylists love doing trials, not for the money, but because they want things to go as smoothly on your day as you do,” Merin says. Most stylists will have package deals that include the trial at a discounted rate.


Heads Up

Merin recommends paying close attention to your comfort level, and make sure the stylist is aware. “No bride should be so distracted by jabbing bobby pins that she can’t concentrate on her vows,” she says. Also, keep in mind how long the process takes and how your hair holds after leaving the salon. If your ringlets have fallen within two hours, you’ll know to tell the stylist to amp up on the hairspray for the main event.

Bold Bride
Your stylist may be good with hair, but she can’t read minds. If you’re starting to dislike the style, tell her. The stylist wants you to be 100 percent satisfied, so communicate and ask questions.

Shop Around
If you don’t already have a go-to stylist, do your research. Get recommendations from friends, read local bridal guides and reviews. You may end up enduring a few trials in your search, but knowing you look your best on the big day is worth it.

Go Head-to-Toe
If you’re able to pull it off, have your final dress fitting the same day. That way, you can see the finished look come together, as well as how easy/difficult getting into your dress is with your ‘do (just make sure your bride isn’t there to see it!).

Photos: Ann Merin: By Matt Peyton; brides: by Ann Merin