Dapper bow ties, rustic touches and gorgeous lighting made David and Scott’s outdoor wedding an inspiring event.




Although Dave and Scott worked right across the street from one another at UC Davis, it took the internet to bring them together—OKCupid to be exact. On their first date, they met up at a local coffee shop and chatted about Dave’s upcoming trip to India. Scott had lived there before attending UC Davis’ law school, so they already had a few things in common. Turns out, they figured out they were really good for one another. We are “perfect foils,” quotes Scott. He’s the more serious of the two, while Dave is eternally optimistic and has no patience for cynicism.

Despite their differences, the couple do share one important quality in common — they love to laugh, joke and be ridiculous as often as possible. According to Dave, they had to wait 3 years to get married because that was “respectable.” They chose UC Davis’ campus as their venue since that was the first place they met.


Venue: Robert Mondavi Institute at UC Davis, Davis, CA 

Photography: Ryan Greenleaf Photography

Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals; A Grand Affair 

Event Planner: Kate Whelan Events