Washington state lawmakers voted to approve gay marriage Wednesday, setting the state up for becoming the seventh in the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriages.

In the wake of the Proposition 8 victory, marriage equality supporters have yet another reason to celebrate. As expected, the gay marriage bill soared through the Washington House today with a 55-43 victorious vote.


Washington state Gov. Christine Gregoire

The Senate approved the legislation last week by a 28-21 vote. The bill now heads to the desk of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire, an advocate for gay marriage, who has vowed to sign it into law.

Provided opponents do not gather enough signatures to bring the battle to the ballot box, the proposal would take effect 90 days after the governor signs it and Washington will be the seventh state in the nation to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

We did hear that Washington state is quite lovely for a summer wedding …

Photo: governor.wa.gov