Bright hues of pink and blue were just the beginning of the fun adventure that is Jackie and Elizabeth's Santa Monica carnival wedding.

Organizing a wedding can be quite a challenge, with various traditional tasks allocated to the best man and bridesmaids, along with your own efforts to make sure everything goes to plan on the big day.

One of the real fun parts of the process is planning how the evening is going to work out when the ceremony is over and it’s to have a party to celebrate the newlyweds. Getting some nightclub champagne sparklers is one neat idea to get everyone in the mood to have a good time.

There is a lot of work that goes into planning a wedding, and as apps are such an integral part of organizing our daily lives, it stands to reason that there a variety of different apps available that are designed to make your task or organizing a wedding, a whole lot easier.

Here is a look at some of the latest trends and themes that you might want to consider for the big day, plus a look at a few apps that could help you to bring it all together.


One way of ensuring a wild wedding

There is a wedding theme trend that is smoking hot right now, so if you are looking for a theme for the wedding event, it seems that everything is headed west, certainly when it comes to design and style.

The Wild West is what is trending right now in terms of wedding party themes, with a range of options depending on whether you are looking to recreate a rustic ranch vibe, or like the idea of a wild west theme from the cowhide rugs and banjo band playing, to the authentic costumes that complete the look and feel of the wild west.


Going for the laid-back and casual feel

As an alternative to foot stomping wild west celebrations, an alternative theme that is proving popular is a laid-back and casual style that borrows heavily from the atmosphere and scenery that you would experience at a boho-chic music festival.

Think kitsch with you design ideas, which means inviting cocktail lounge areas to relax and enjoy each other’s company in, together with striped tepees and anything else that could make you feel like you have just arrived back at Woodstock in the 1970’s.


A new kind of wedding planner

The traditional approach to a wedding in the past, has been to rely on the bridesmaids and the best man to coordinate and play their part in bringing all the various components together so that the wedding goes to plan on the day.

Wedding planning has now gone more hi-tech, thanks to a variety of apps that make the various tasks a whole lot easier to arrange.

For instance, you might want to download TaskRabbit as a way of covering all the bases on all those little details that are so easy to overlook, unless you are ticking them off using an app, rather than relying on trying to remember to do something, which could easily result in something getting missed.

You might want to consider using an app like TouristEye for help with the honeymoon itinerary and even when the party is over and everyone is ready to go home, there are apps to help with that too, with Uber and Lyft useful apps to help book a ride home.


Appy ever after

There are some really good apps available which are specifically designed to help you plan everything about the wedding with as much ease as possible, from the moment you name the date, to arriving back from your honeymoon.

One such app that hits the spot, is Appy Couple , which gives you the chance to design a website that everyone can visit, for updates, news and to simply share in your story of love, by sharing photos and even send invites.

Spending on a wedding can quickly spiral out of control unless you keep a firm handle on what you are spending, which is where a wedding budget app would definitely come in handy. You might want to download an app that provides you with all the tools to keep tabs on everything your are spending, from the church to the makeup artist, and everything else that has to be paid for from what is not normally an unlimited pot of money for many couples.

Wedding planning just got a whole lot easier with some of these useful apps to take the strain, so decide on a theme and then download a few apps to help put it all together.


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Debbie Carr is a wedding planner who started up her own business in this area after she successfully planned her own wedding day without a hitch. She loves what she does and writes for bridal magazines and websites during the slow season.