gay-weddings-childs-playI recently attended a gorgeous wedding of two of my dear friends. The entire affair was cheerful and joyous, including the reception, where the boisterous DJ got everyone—even grandparents—moving on the floor. It really wasn’t a place for children. Well, it could have been, except for the fact that the brides didn’t want any at their wedding. Totally their choice. After all, it was their day. And they got their way. But it almost didn’t go as planned. The bride confided in me a week before their wedding that one of her guests had told another guest she planned on bringing her four-year-old to the wedding, despite the fact that she’d received a wedding invitation stating that the reception was adult-only. Thank goodness the mother had mentioned this to a good enough friend who stood up for the bride and said she really should honor both brides’ wishes by leaving her daughter with someone else for the evening. But what if she had brought her? Perhaps there would have been room for the toddler at the dinner table, but the brides would have been steaming mad—or at least I would have been.

How would you handle it if a guest showed up with a child to your adult-only wedding reception? And if you are having an adult-only wedding, how are you letting your guests know about your restrictions?

Photography by Our Labor of Love