Alfani RED men’s suit available at Macy’s

Femme brides are shelling out the greenbacks for their white gown, so grooms and butch ladies should follow their lead and buy their tux. Why rent and look uneasy in an ill-fitting suit when buying will ensure you look ship-shape for the big day? Besides looking dapper and dandy,  the perfect suit also can be used for other formal occasions, a return on investment not possible by constantly renting. So what suits you?


Black, navy, gray. The hue you select makes more of a statement than anything else. Black is always a classic, navy is never wrong, and gray is for the stylish, contemporary gentleman.


A subtlety that should not be ignored, lapels frame the chest and draw attention upwards to your face. Peak lapels are classic on a tuxedo, while notch lapels are found on standard suit jackets—the perfect fallback. Fancy yourself a cool cat? Opt for the retro-fabulous shawl collar.


The opening at the back of your suit? Yeah, that’s a vent. The back area of the suit is meant to breathe and sit well on your body. Traditionally, there is a single vent down the center of the jacket, but many contemporary suits incorporate the double vent down the sides.


No matter your size, opt for simple, clean lines. Avoid pleating, unless you want to look dowdy and dated. And for the love of Pete, get your pants appropriately hemmed to the shoes you are wearing. Nothing looks more unpolished than bunched britches.


Tod’s Gommini’ Venetian Driving Shoe available at Nordstrom



Have fun here. Newer styles can be dressed down with well-made sneakers (think John Varvatos for Converse). You can also opt for drama with a glossy, patent leather Oxford. Don’t ignore this opportunity to add a little personality to your off-the-rack style.