I attended a fabulous, lavish affair at a private mansion the other night to kick off the new Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. The party was everything one could hope for at someone’s residence and gave me lots of ideas for backyard weddings.

But it also reminded me of something utterly important when inviting your guests: Let them know what to wear based on the elements. If your wedding is going to be outdoors in the sweltering summer, don’t just give them an address. Let them know to wear super light clothing. And more importantly, perhaps, if your wedding is going to be held on soft grass—as this event that I attended was—tell your guests! My heels sunk into the ground so much, I wondered if they hadn’t hosed it down before guests arrived. Not only are my heels permanently stained from the mud, but I could barely walk around at the party.

Had I known this was going to be an outdoor event in a grassy backyard (as opposed to a patio setting), I would have worn flats (or galoshes, had I really known what was happening).

Of course, your wedding invitation isn’t the appropriate place for this information, but your wedding website is. List the information under the category of suggested attire. And rely on family and friends to spread the word for you as well.