If you have not seen the new advertisement for the Renault Clio, click play on the video below. But before you do, grab some tissues.

The Renault Clio, for those not in the know, is “one of those quintessential European hatchbacks” (Business Insider) that first started coming off the factory floors in 1990.

To celebrate the Clio’s upcoming 30th anniversary, Renault released a commercial on YouTube that captures in just over two minutes the love story of a red-haired English girl named Gemma and a brunette French girl who meet as children, fall in love as teens and then, yes, live happily ever after with their own child. With a little drama thrown in, of course.

Different generations of the Renault Clio are the backdrop to the queer romance in the ad titled, “Renault Clio – 30 Years in the making.” The advertisement charts not only the evolution of the vehicle, but also of society and its growing acceptance of LGBTQ+ relationships.

“We wanted to humanize and celebrate, not just 30 years of progress of the Renault Clio, but also the progress made within culture, society and life in that time,” said Adam Wood, marketing director at Renault UK, according to Out.com. “The Renault Clio is as in tune with the times today as it always has been.”

The portrayal of queer relationships is not foreign in national advertisements, but including one in a car commercial is “groundbreaking,” according to Erin Baker, editorial director at Auto-Trader UK.

“In most other industries this wouldn’t be news, but in the car industry, still dominated by middle-aged, middle-class white heterosexual men, it is truly groundbreaking, and paves the way for some serious marketing disruption, should other manufacturers be bold enough to follow suit,” Baker wrote in Marie Claire.

Some of our favorite moments from the Renault Clio ad

1 /

The haunting vocals of Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne as she sings Oasis’s hit “Wonderwall” accompanied on piano.

Renault Clio car ad celebrating a 30-year lesbian romance

2 /

When young Gemma shyly shares her “Music” cassette tape with her new friend shortly after the meet while riding in the backseat of a Clio.

Renault Clio car ad celebrating a 30-year lesbian romance

3 /

As teens, the two snap selfies with a Polaroid while standing along a brick wall.

kiss Renault Clio car ad celebrating a 30-year lesbian romance

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Their first kiss in the front seat of a Clio after they take a swim in the ocean. Kissing in cars is the best.

Renault Clio car ad celebrating a 30-year lesbian romance

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The moment the two women reunite after a years-long separation. A palm to the face and then an emotional hug immediately erases any distance and the romance picks up again.

Renault Clio car ad celebrating a 30-year lesbian romance

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The glimpse the two share as they drive in their brand new Clio with their own child in the backseat while driving to see Gemma’s parents. Pass the tissues, please.