What’s in a Word? 

When I proposed to Kirsten, our Editor in Chief, never in a million years did I think I’d have to define myself for anyone. But during our 18-month-long engagement, I realized that I did. People continued to want to put me into one of two categories: bride or groom. But I didn’t really feel like either. I wasn’t having a bridal shower, and my fling before the ring wasn’t called a bachelorette party, but instead was a gentlemanly get-together more commonly known as a bachelor party. For our wedding, I knew I didn’t want to wear a gown—in any shape or form. I haven’t worn a dress since high school—and that was an obligatory thing. I was in the market for a sharp, tailored suit … a man’s suit.  I knew I didn’t want to float down the aisle to anything close to “Here comes the bride.” I wanted to be up at the altar with our minister, nervously waiting for my bride to come down the aisle. But I’m not a man—nor do I identify as one. But I’m masculine in our everyday life, and that’s the natural role for me for our wedding day, too. So I coined a new term: broom. Neither bride nor groom, the use of broom caught on quickly with our family and friends. And as the broom, I focused—and still do—on sweeping my bride off her feet.

Our motivation behind Equally Wed is bringing a new voice to the wedding scene, one where brides, grooms and brooms can find a fun, trustworthy and fabulous place that resonates with them and that they can identify with. In my Broom Closet blog, I’ll be offering you ideas and inspiration to celebrate your masculine side, whether you’re a macho or feminine man, a butch woman, a sporty woman, transgender—or someone who could care less about definitions and just wants to learn how to tie a damn bow tie.

Welcome to Equally Wed. We hope you love it as much as we do.