The latest in marriage equality in Wisconsin


Ginger and Emily are planning their Wisconsin wedding for August 2014. Won’t it be wonderful for them to receive a marriage license from their state? Read their engagement story here. Photo: Wildernesses Photography

U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb, a federal judge, ruled Friday that the state of Wisconsin’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

In her decision, Crabb wrote: “This case is not about whether marriages between same-sex couples are consistent or inconsistent with the teachings of a particular religion, whether such marriages are moral or immoral or whether they are something that should be encouraged or discouraged. It is not even about whether the plaintiffs in this case are as capable as opposite-sex couples of maintaining a committed and loving relationship or raising a family together. Quite simply, this case is about liberty and equality, the two cornerstones of the rights protected by the United States Constitution.” 

The state attorney general General J.B. Van Hollen made a request to Crabb to stop same-sex marriages from happening, but already, there’s been a steady stream of couples seeking licenses.

In the two largest counties, Milwaukee County and Dane County, which includes the state capital Madison, more than 300 marriage licenses have been issued to same-sex couples.

Crabb has scheduled a hearing on Van Hollen’s request for Monday afternoon, according to court records. Stay tuned to, Twitter and Facebook for the latest in this story and other marriage equality headlines, along with our steady stream of real weddings and inspiration for LGBTQ weddings.