Just like your personality type, your zodiac sign can help guide the style of your nuptials. Whether you go by your sun, moon or rising sign (or a combination of all three), these wedding aesthetics are sure to steer you in the right direction!


Those born under this fire sign are known for their confidence and ambition, so it’s no surprise that they would want to host a wedding that stands out from the crowd. An Aries wedding could incorporate bold colors like red and orange, as well as daring design elements like modern shapes and patterns.


Taureans are all about comfort and luxury, so hosting an elegant event full of classic touches is likely to suit them perfectly. Incorporate traditional details like velvet linens and floral centerpieces, plus plenty of textural elements to create a romantic atmosphere.


Geminis are naturally curious people who thrive off variety and often have difficulty settling on one thing. An ideal wedding style for them would incorporate lots of different colors, textures, styles and decorations to reflect the complexity of their personality.


Cancers are known for being nurturing and sentimental, which makes a traditional wedding style perfect for them. Incorporate soft pastels and gentle touches such as lace or antique-style decor to create an intimate atmosphere that your guests will remember forever.


Those born under this sign tend to be bold, confident and creative, so a Leo wedding should be just as vibrant. Incorporate bright colors like yellow and gold, plus plenty of sparkle and metallics to create a statement-making event that’s fit for royalty.


Virgos are known for their practicality and attention to detail, so hosting an efficient yet beautiful wedding is ideal for this sign. Try using natural elements such as wood and stone, plus subtle decorations to keep the focus on your special day without going overboard.


Librans are all about balance and harmony; they love symmetry and being surrounded by beauty. To reflect those qualities in their wedding style, incorporate lots of soft touches along with warm colors like pink and lavender.


Those born under this sign tend to be mysterious and passionate, so a wedding style that reflects those traits is ideal. Incorporate deep colors such as black and purple, plus dramatic touches like candles or gothic decor for an event your guests won’t soon forget.


Sagittarians are known for their optimism and enthusiasm and love adventure! To reflect that in their wedding style, incorporate bright colors such as blues and greens along with plenty of fun elements like games or activities.


Capricorns are all about stability and sophistication, so hosting an elegant and timeless event is perfect for them. Try using classic colors like navy and gray, plus traditional decorations such as pearls or crystal accents to create a sophisticated atmosphere.


Aquarians are known for their unique personalities and originality; they’re often one step ahead of any trend. A perfect wedding style for this sign would be modern yet classic, incorporating both natural elements and futuristic touches.


Those born under this sign tend to be dreamy and romantic, so hosting an ethereal event that reflects those qualities is ideal. Incorporate soft colors such as lavender or blue, plus plenty of delicate details like tulle or lace for a magical day your guests won’t soon forget.

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