Spring is the quintessential flower season, but don’t count winter out just yet. The late autumn and winter have beautiful blooms that make for stunning accents, centerpieces and wedding bouquets.



Purple, orange, red … take your pick. Pansies are especially known for their vibrant colors in their cold growing season. Blooming in the winter, this plant has four upward-facing petals and one downward-facing flower with dark marks near the center. Black goes with everything, so all you need now is a color palette.




These beautiful flowers have soft colors, such as pink, purple and white. Most of the flowers boast more than one color, but a few are one color. Five petals surrounding the base, with five sepals behind the cup, can bend upwards, downwards or twisted, so this flower will add a great unique element to the bouquet.




The fall and winter Iceland poppies are a great way to spice up the bouquet. Usually shades of orange, pink, yellow or white, they parallel the iconic spring blossoms. These blooms are also known for looking fresh days after being cut.




If large flowers are what you desire, look no further than the amaryllis. The leaves are arranged in two rows, accenting the three inner petals and three outer petals. Usually white with crimson veins, the bicolor flower can also naturally be pink or purple.


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