gay-weddings-mother-in-lawThe dreaded phrase on any wedding day: “Here comes the monster-in-law.” While impressing the mother of your future husband or wife can seem daunting and even impossible at times—believe us, it can be done with our simple tips. Follow our advice below and your future mother-in-law will be singing your praises all the way to the altar.

circle_1 Learn. Learn what she likes and dislikes before you meet her. You don’t want to bring up a touchy subject on the first encounter. If you do, believe us, she’ll remember that first impression forever.
circle_2 Agree. Having an intense political debate or even a gossip session? Don’t disagree with what the mother says, even if you have to bite your tongue. Agreeing with her at all times will be much better in the long run. If you get to the point later in the marriage where you can have successful agreements—well then, you’ve hit the jackpot.
circle_3 Chill. While you may be nervous before meeting your future mother-in-law, or even as you are discussing wedding plans, play it cool. Make it seem as if nothing phases you. If she sees your nerves and weakness, she may try to take advantage of you. While it may seem evil, just think of Jane Fonda in Monster-in Law.
circle_4 Compliment. The golden rule when impressing a mother-in-law? Always speak well of your future spouse. A mother loves nothing more than hearing about how wonderful their child is—so flatter away!