7 Wedding Day Beauty Do’s & Don’ts

Photo courtesy of: Homotography.Blogspot.com (“Viva Las Vegas
by Matthias Vriens-McGrath)

After analyzing every detail from the dress to the wedding party down to the venue and cake, I can almost guarantee that you overlooked your skin. After months of endless preparation, tireless efforts can take their toll on your face (those bags aren’t filled with party favors, my friend). When the big day is quickly approaching, your nerves may set in and minute details may be overlooked. This joyous celebration should also be a marriage of your best assets. Before you walk down the aisle, consider the following products and what to tell your makeup artist (or your sister, aunt, mom, brother, uncle) how you want your wedding glow to look.

1. Marriage of Moisturizers: Think about how you mix and match your wardrobe. Not an easy task, am I right? When it comes to skincare, it’s often neglected that you’ll need a good moisturizer and a balancing serum to help your skin look picture perfect. Dermatologists may give you recommendations, with a hefty cost, but if you’re looking to just give a clear sheen on your big day, trust in yourself.


Suggestions: Absolution La Crème Du Jour and La Solution: Organic revitalizing boosters, both contain plant antioxidants, protecting cells and stimulating protection. Mix La Solution on top of the cream pump and mix accordingly. Your own personal bespoke system, all for you! Available at spacenk.com for $69, $72.

2. Say No to the Tress: This isn’t the time to try out a whole new look. Remember that we’ve all had great haircuts and awful mishaps which can shift the mood of the day and affect your self-esteem. Your soon-to-be beau wants you to be yourself, be comfortable and celebrate your courtship.

If you’re thinking about color, see your hair specialist at least two months in advance, so you’ll know whether or not going a different shade will work in your favor. Cardinal rule: Don’t attempt a bottle blonde.

3. Fake n Bake Faux Pas: So, you want to have a solid base for your tropical honeymoon abroad. My advice? Skip the spray tan (you’ll stink up the aisle!) and the booth (you’ll look too crispy). Self-tanners can get streaky, but tinted moisturizers can work to your benefit. Try Too-Faced’s Primed and Poreless ($30) which contains SPF 20, in case you have an outdoor wedding, and mix a dollop with your favorite moisturizer (mine: Kinerase Ultimate Day Moisturizer, $119) for an instant naturally enhanced glow.


4. Mane Managed: Use a lightweight pomade for a light hold, to keep your look in check. Too much gel and hairspray hardens up your look. Nothing worse than getting dandruff on one of your new suits, grooms and brooms!

Suggestion: Get the day-after look with a slightly cake scented texturizing paste with the Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste. Available at folica.com for $16-$26.


5. Relaxed, Rejuvenated, Reinvented: Start your wedding off perfectly by de-stressing from your 9-5 work week. Look into couple massages before the big day, with day spa options, so you and your fiancé/e can have a quiet day soaking up serenity and each other.

Suggestion for Manhattanites: The Great Jones Spa holds packages for couples within their Deluxe Suite, complete with a softly candle-lit atmosphere, two treatment tables, private steam shower and Jacuzzi. Spice things up at your own discretion. Savor your days ahead and pamper one another … nothing says “I love you” quite like gifting each other with time.

6. Softly Scented: Take a whiff of your usual scent and how your partner reacts. Does he or she normally tell you how wonderful you smell? If not, a change may be in order. Opt for something subtle, crisp and light, but that matches your body chemistry (everything smells different once your dab a little on your skin). A safe unisex choice? Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Eau de Cologne Natural Spray, a citrusy, mellow hint of lemon with floral undertones. Available at Barneys New York for $86.


7. Bachelor/ette Blitz: Load up on the coconut water before and after the friends kidnap you for a night of sheer debauchery. You’ll not only be thankful, but your skin will be too. Energize with the right facial cleanser that boost cell regeneration, so your mug has a natural glow and you don’t look like you’ve been hit with the party bus.


Suggestion: Kyoku Daily Facial Cleanser: With invigorating ginseng and peppermint leaf, this is the best face wash for combination skin that smells so good, you wish you could eat it. It penetrates your pores and creates a healthy canvas to guide your through those wedding portraits. Available at Barneys New York for $29.