Hair is an integral part of one’s appearance, in addition to an outfit and a great pair of shoes. One’s hair is a great compliment to the look of a lady and helps to complete the overall intended outward form. Various hairstyles are suitable for different outfit looks and can be complemented with accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and makeup. There are all sorts of hair types and hair colors, from blonde to red hair and totally black hair. The hair may also be straight or naturally curly with different types of hair definition since some women have really tight curls while others have loose, huge, wavy curls.

Whatever the case, both women with either straight or curly hair can both achieve curled hairstyles. For the straight haired women, they may achieve this through the use of rollers or curling irons. While curling hair, be sure to pay attention to necessary procedures that must be followed such as conditioning and ensuring that you protect your hair from heat. There are a lot of websites and blogs that provide information on how you can prevent heat damage and thus achieve beautiful curly looks while at the same time protecting your hair.

Below are a few hairstyles which you can consider doing on various occasions.

  1. The half bun look
    Curled hair is absolutely beautiful and can be styled into a different set of hairstyles which are cool and chic. One particular style that you may use is the half bun look. This is a simple yet beautiful look that is great for long lengths and is a fresh and new approach to the traditional bun. While going for this look, cut across the length of your hair and hold up the top part with an elastic band and wrap it up into a neat, pretty bun.  If you have natural curls, you will have achieved this look with much ease while using the least amount of time. If your hair is straight, curl up the other length of your hair using curling rods which will create beautiful waves.
  2. Traditional perm
    Perms were a huge hit back in the day and were pretty common amongst musicians and actors. The perm, is, however, making a comeback since they help to create the illusion of more volume and make a statement on a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. It is, therefore, a style that every woman should consider doing since it is quite an easy style that can be done from the comfort of a person’s home. You may use the plastic curlers which are wrapped in the strands of hair and keep them on overnight to achieve the look. This is often a fun activity to engage in during sleepovers with your best friends since you can do each other’s hair and bond while telling each other fun stories. Alternatively, you may also get this done at a salon which will create more definite curls.
  3. The Pineapple
    This hairstyle is ideal for people with naturally curly hair. It is known as the pineapple since it resembles the shape of the fruit on a person’s head. The style is pretty easy to pull off and takes a small amount of time to do. The first step to this is to wash your hair and then moisturize it with a suitable hair product which will help to prevent tangling and dryness. Afterward, hold the hair up in a very high ponytail through the use of a small or large hair band and let the hair fall forward slightly toward your forehead. This will create a gorgeous stylish look.
  4. Classic bun
    The bun has been the go-to hairstyle for lots of women down through the centuries. It is a simple and classic look who’s variants have been suitable for different occasions. For instance, the messy bun has been a classic hairstyle for women going to the beach, to the gym, to school or even to work. The elegant, sleek, smooth bun is quite common and convenient for dances, dinner parties or even weddings. With curly hair, the bun is also quite pretty and makes it easy to maintain the curly hair up for a whole day without much hassle. Apply hair gel on your baby hair along your hairline to create a cute appearance.
  5. Half cornrows
    Cornrows are a fun and creative way to style your hair as they add an edgy feel to general appearance. You may get them installed either on the side or on the front part of your hair and let the rest of your locks fall freely. You may curl up these locks as well and let everything fall into an easy, wavy fashion. You may also add accessories to your cornrows and braids to create a pretty, fun, look.
  6. Straight with waves
    A lot of women have long, straight hair which often falls freely down the shoulders. They most times have difficulty in deciding how to style their hair and always end up settling for the usual ponytail or the simple bun. To create some elegance and style to your long hair you may curl up the edges of your hair and then try the same styles. However, this does not have to be the case only for long-haired women but is also possible for women with short hair.
  7. French braids
    Women with curly hair can also set their hair up in French braids which will is a pretty easy style to do.  It is a pretty comfortable hairstyle which is suitable while engaging in activities such as going to the gym or gardening. It is also a hairstyle that one can easily do while going to run errands in the mall. For straight hair women,  french braids help to create natural curls since once undone, they do leave the hair in a wavy state. Therefore, you may have them done in the evening and leave them on till early in the morning which will create nice curls in your hair.