More than 21 percent of American brides-to-be would forgo an extravagant, traditional or casual wedding for one that is unique, according to a poll by the Bridal Association of America. When you’re in the throes of planning a wedding that’s uniquely “you,” it’s hard not to feel most weddings are alike, give or take some extra lace and sequins here and there. It seems as if 95 percent of the options seem derivative of one another.

If you want to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your big day, here are seven bridal bouquet options that are truly unique:


Put a fresh spin on a timeless bridal bouquet of white roses by accenting the blooms with feathers. Start with a densely arranged bouquet of white roses and have the florist tuck in long white feathers in varying lengths to create a spray that’s soft and romantic. For additional variety, accent the roses with white calla lilies and white peonies to keep the bunch monochromatic.


Equally appropriate for a seaside or desert wedding, a succulent bouquet is offbeat and full of charm. Opt for succulents tinged with color and bundle echeveria subsessilis, kalanchoe tomentosa, sedum, sempervivum, jovibarba and pachyveria. In addition to being beautiful, succulent bouquets are hardier than traditional flowers and easy to care for, notes

Air Plants

Air plants, also known as tillandsias, make a stunning bouquet with minimal arrangement and watering required. Opt for larger varieties of the xerographia, which has silvery green leaves that develop a purplish pink tinge in cool weather, or a bundle of victoriana and ionantha varieties.

DIY brooch bouquet

Brooke’s DIY brooch bouquet. Read Brooke and Joana’s Real Wedding feature here.


Combine your “something old,” “something new,” “something borrowed” and “something blue” with a handmade bouquet of antique brooches. Gather brooches from family members and troll antique markets to find the perfect assortment to make your own or enlist the help of one of the many experts selling custom brooch bouquets on Etsy.


A bundle of beaded “flowers” makes for a decadent display at any wedding, whether extravagant of low-key. It may be best to leave this one to the experts, one Etsy retailer who makes custom pieces by hand requires eight to 12 weeks to craft each stunning confection. What bride-to-be has time to tackle that intricate of a DIY project amidst all of the other plans.

Sheet Music

For dedicated musicians, there’s no more appropriate bouquet than one hand-crafted from sheet music. Choose your favorite tunes, as well as your wedding song, and have them folded into flowered and bundled into a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Dried Flowers

Perfect for a rustic wedding, a tasteful bunch of dried flowers lends an air of elegance and nostalgia to your bridal look. For maximum control over the final results, have the florist dry flowers specifically for the bouquet, rather than use a memento that you already have from another occasion. For a classic combination, recommends including white tea tree, lavendar, ammobiums and larkspur. 


+ Our editors have selected their favorite florals for weddings, with special insight into their meaning, the availability of shades, and what season they’re most likely to be available. 

Photos: Succulents via Pinterest; brooch bouquet by Alisha Sams of Imaginarium Studios, Kory Garner of Faux Toe Images