While on holiday in Southern California, Lukas and Lukas decided to have a couple’s portrait session before returning home to Germany. The pair spent an overcast spring afternoon in Malibu, where they explored the beach with their photographer and stumbled upon the coolest little cave.

Two white men are on a beach, with the ocean lapping at their feet. The man in a red shirt is giving a piggyback ride to his boyfriend. They are both smiling.

Two people stand nose-to-nose and close their eyes as they hold each other's faces.

Two people walk through a cavernous rock cave looking out on an ocean.

Two people stand, foreheads touching, holding hands in a large rock cave.

The oceanside session was laid-back and romantic, and as they made their way up to the bluff for a few photos in a grassy meadow, the sun peeked through the clouds just in time to capture the picturesque golden-hour light. The duo ended the beach photoshoot by soaking in the sunset together.

Two men sit facing each other in a meadow of wildflowers and grass.

Two men sit on a blue set of stairs. One is several steps up and leans down to hug the other.

Two men stand, gazing at each other, against a backdrop of golden hour sun.

Two men stand on a balcony, looking out at a Malibu sunset and embracing.

Are you in the planning stages of your next vacation? Consider hopping on the trend of hiring a photographer for a couple’s photoshoot or loveshoot! Not only do you get some pictures together, but you’ll go home with a souvenir to help you and your partner(s) cherish the memory of your trip together. Or if you’re doing a site visit in anticipation of your destination wedding, take a break from wedding planning for nearlywed portraits with your beloved(s). Hiring a local LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming photographer can help you find the best place for pictures.

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Location: Leo Carrillo State Beach and Park

Photographer: Summit and Sur Photography

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