In the excitement and emotions leading up to your wedding day, it can be easy to get swept away and leave key items at home. Whether you’re packing for a week away at your destination wedding or grabbing a duffel bag to bring to your venue across town, having a checklist of things to remember will save you time–and stress–when you get there. Below is a non-exhaustive breakdown of things for brides, grooms and marriers to have on your wedding day packing list. For the full list of everything you might possibly need to pack, grab your copy of Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your LGBTQ+ Wedding.

The absolute essentials

Attire, undergarments, shapewear, shoes, jewelry, rings and miscellaneous accessories are an obvious first addition to your list. They’re top of mind, but that can make them easy to overlook. If you’re making a physical checklist, be sure to include each individual item separately so nothing gets left behind; you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget earrings, cuff links, necklaces, pocket squares and other small items.

Fuel: for you and your phone

Silly as it may sound, you can’t forget to fuel yourself on your wedding morning. While many venues, or even tenacious wedding party members, will have the forethought to ensure there are water, snacks and phone chargers as you get ready, you will experience less anxiety knowing that you’ve got those aspects covered. Make sure to bring your favorite emotional support water bottle for hydration, at least one snack to keep the rumbles at bay, and charging blocks and cords to keep your technology battery levels high.

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Getting ready miscellany

In addition to any cute robes or PJs you’ll be donning as you get ready for the ceremony, you’ll want to bring a few extra items for peace of mind. From Q-tips and tissues to extra makeup, hairspray and gel, you’ll be thankful to be over prepared rather than left searching for something as you’re getting ready. Most venues will have general toiletry essentials, and makeup and hair artists likewise come prepared, but it is wise to pack a small kit of anything you regularly use in your “getting ready for special events” routine. In order to save space but stay ready, throw together a small Ziploc with a couple of Q-tips, safety pins, make-up wipes, tampons or pads for people who menstruate, a Tide pen, toothpicks, a toothbrush, travel-size toiletries and extra makeup essentials.

Pro tip: Remind your wedding party in the weeks prior to the event to make their own lists and cross-reference as needed. In addition to ensuring that no one is scrambling for a new pair of heels or searching for a charger so they can take behind-the-scenes candids, this is a great way to ensure that you don’t have to bring more than is necessary. Work smarter, not harder, right?

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Extra paper goods

An easily overlooked category is extra copies of your wedding invitation suites and any printed paper goods that you’re featuring on your big day. Your photographer or planner may send you a reminder to bring them, but if you want detail shots in your wedding gallery, be sure to bring a copy of everything to be photographed.

Ceremony necessities

These will depend on your chosen order of events in terms of getting your marriage license, but be mindful of whether you’ll need copies of your marriage license and any IDs or paperwork. Consult with your officiant, planner or venue ahead of time to confirm what you’ll need. No matter what, bring your vow books as well as a copy of your vows, just to be safe.

Note: Bringing your photo ID is a good idea regardless of whether you’ll need it for your license. Your venue or vendors may require it, and it will be needed if you go around the corner for an afterparty at your favorite local bar!

Everything else

Every wedding is different when it comes to set-up and decor, so be mindful when crafting your packing list to include any event signage, table numbers, nostalgic memorabilia, favors and wedding party gifts. Coordinate with your vendors, venue and wedding party about when certain items will be needed and who will be responsible for them. Once you’ve laid out those plans, you can add your personal responsibilities or last-minute items. Don’t be afraid to bring extras if you have any–you never know what the day might bring. The Equally Wed heart is a trademark of Palladino Publishing, LLC.

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