Joni and Ashley’s brunch wedding was an intimate event, featuring a geometric backdrop, Fireball shots for the guests, and hanging lamps covered in fern and moss. When Joni proposed, she said, “I vow to love, support and care for you today, tomorrow and forever. Ashley, the unconditional and unwavering love you showed me has mended my broken heart and restored my faith in love.” The love these two share was palpable as they exchanged vows and celebrated becoming spouses.

One of the marriers wears a backwards baseball cap and a t-shirt reading "Bride with pride" as she reads a letter from her spouse-to-be.

The bride helps her son tuck in his shirt. Behind them is a four-poster bed with his jacket laid out on it.

An interracial couple embraces, noses touching, in their white wedding attire.

The marriers, dressed in all white, intertwine their arms as they take shots of Fireball.

As they got ready for their ceremony, Joni and Ashley read notes from each other and enjoyed a few moments with their chosen family before hopping on a party bus to their venue, a sleek bistro space in the heart of New Albany, Indiana. Celebrants in elegant black-and-white attire greeted the wedding party as they arrived in style.

One of the marriers arrives off a party bus, wearing sunglasses and a sleek white suit and carrying luggage.

The newlyweds share a kiss in front of a geometric backdrop as their wedding party cheers.

The marriers proudly hodl their marriage license. One has their train bunched over their arm, and the other wears black sunglasses.

The reception featured outfit changes for the newlyweds and Ashley’s kids, who had helped Joni propose in a surprise scavenger hunt ending at the gym where they met and were an integral part of the wedding ceremony. The kids changed into new shoes, re-entering the reception space with glitter sandals and light-up kicks. Ashley traded her long fitted gown for a short, Gatsby-esque white dress, while Joni swapped her white suit for a gray-and-black ensemble perfect for dancing.

The newlyweds sit ad a small bistro table and smile as they listen to a speech.

The newlyweds, having changed into new clothes for the reception, share a kiss and clink their glasses.

The wedding party dances as natural light streams into the venue.

The wedding party dances as natural light streams into the venue.

The brunch wedding wrapped with all the wedding guests gathered outside to surround Ashley and Joni with bubbles and cheers.

Two brides, one white and blonde and one black and with short dark hair, stand embracing with their celebrants around them. They are smiling, and there are bubbles surrounding them.

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Photographer: Green Apple Photography

Event Venue: Board & You Bistro and Wine Bar

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