In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ+ marriage is a protected right in all 50 states. As we know, far too many people hold prejudices against LGBTQ+ marriage rights and often challenge the laws, completely aware of their discrimination against couples who are in love based simply on their sex. LGBTQ+ marriage remains a controversial topic in America more than eight years after the ruling, giving even more reason to celebrate the day in magical style. Keep reading if you want a few ideas to pull off your wedding without a hitch and perhaps with a few heartfelt moments tucked into the mix.

How to Choose a Wedding Venue & Other Vendors

The wedding venue is the heart of a wedding. It should be spacious, comfortable, and inviting to guests. Each couple has a different idea of what that entails, generally determined by factors like the number of anticipated guests and the wedding theme. Hire a decorator to ensure every detail of the venue is immaculate.

As LGBTQ+ marriers, the selected venue should be a place where you feel accepted and valued rather than uneasy because someone discriminates against you. Even slights with the eyes can ruin perhaps the most important day in your life. Look for venues with a history of acceptance in the community. Don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns with the venue provider before the big date. Your comfort and inclusion matter more than anything else every day, but more so on your wedding day.

Apply the same rules when choosing bakers, photographers, and other vendors. It is your show and you are the star. Selected vendors should share their enthusiasm for your wedding and want to do their part to make it special. Anyone who does not share that enthusiasm should not be part of your big day.

Choose vendors based on your personality, the enthusiasm they show about your big day, and the kind of wedding you want. Trust that an amazing vendor is out there, although it may take some research to find them. When the day is done, you’ll have a vendor that goes above and beyond to ensure your wedding day is the celebration of love it’s destined to be.

Comforting Attire 

Aside from the tuxedos and dresses for the marriers and wedding party, luxurious silk pajamas are an amazing part to bring into your wedding day. Matching silk PJ sets add a sense of togetherness to the day. They’re perfect for lounging in the days before the wedding, as you’re getting ready for the event, and as gifts to family and members of the wedding party. Choose washable silk pajamas from Lunya to add a touch of stylish elegance to your pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities. The pajamas pamper the skin they touch, perfect for a celebration of this magnitude.

Find Gold at the End of the Rainbow 

You may not find real gold at the end of the rainbow, but you can feel like the lucky leprechaun when you take the time to discuss your wedding wants and needs with vendors and select those that go above and beyond to make your day special with colors of pride included in your day.  

A bit of ingenuity, pride, and colors from the rainbow create a beautiful wedding palette. Incorporate rainbow colors into your decor, wedding attire, flowers, and even the wedding cake. Wedding vendors know the right spots to add pops of color to ensure your wedding day shines in all its glory.

Bid Traditions Farewell

Traditional weddings focus on labels like “bride” and “groom”. During LGBTQ+ wedding planning, labels can be painstakingly hurtful. Don’t focus on labels on your wedding day. Gender should never define a wedding, nor should a couple feel constricted by traditions like this. Address yourselves and members of the wedding party however you feel comfortable.

Bid farewell to other traditions like:

  • One person (generally “the bride”) walks down the aisle.
  • Do away with labels  
  • Hetronormal wedding vows
  • The person who holds the flowers
  • The person who pays for the wedding

Every couple is unique, and so is their wedding. Prioritize inclusivity and authenticity over traditions or do what makes other people happy. Breaking traditions is a powerful way to honor your new union and future with your partner.

A few alternative ideas:

  • Both partners can choose someone significant in their lives to accompany them or walk together as equals. 
  • When choosing your wedding party, focus on the meaningful relationships and connections you share.
  • Encourage your wedding party to express their individuality through their attire. Give them the freedom to choose outfits that make them feel comfortable and confident and reflect their style.
  • Wedding cakes hold a special place in wedding traditions, and as an LGBTQ+ couple, you can use this opportunity to celebrate your love uniquely and inclusively. Instead of a traditional tiered cake, consider a dessert table filled with sweet treats to highlight your diverse backgrounds and preferences.

Incorporate Technology Into Your Wedding

We live in a digital world, meaning couples have the opportunity to incorporate technology into their big day. This gives friends, family, and strangers who cannot attend the wedding in person an opportunity to share happiness. Even family that’s located across the world can be part of a wedding ceremony when it’s live-streamed. Incorporating technology into the wedding also provides mementos that you and your loved ones can look back on any time they need a dose of nostalgia. 

A few ways to incorporate technology into your wedding day plans:

  • Livestream your wedding on social media
  • Create a wedding day hashtag
  • Share the hashtag with friends, encouraging them to share photos, memories, and other mementos using this hashtag on social media

Your wedding day is a reflection of your love story and your commitment to your partner. Embrace the freedom to break away from traditional norms, embrace your identities, and create a wedding that celebrates your uniqueness and focuses on your love.