One of the first wedding to-do’s is to get insurance for your engagement ring. It’s so important to protect yourself from loss or theft, but have you also thought about keeping your ring safe from physical damage?


People who work in the medical field, cooking, hair and spa services, and other occupations where your hands can get dirty, should look into CareRing. These hypoallergenic covers fit over your engagement ring (or wedding band) and will protect it from damage, such as soaps, chemicals, dirt, food and chips. The covers are also beneficial when at home—gardening, cleaning, cooking and DIY home repairs.

They come in multiple colors—clear, white, hot pink, blue, lime—or sold in sets of multi-colors, and sizing in small, medium and large (matching ring sizes 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10, respectively). Available at for $11.97 plus shipping.