Husbands-to-be Kevin T. (he/him) and Kevin L. (he/him) share more than just their first names–their love of travel and affinity for romantic gestures made their modern penthouse proposal one for the books. Since they first met on the gay dating app JACK’D in 2013, KL and KT have been debating about who made the first move: Is DM’ing the first move? Is Facetiming the first move? Or, is buying a plane ticket and flying to Seattle to meet someone the first move?

After they started talking online for a whirlwind two weeks, KL, who was about to start dental school in Los Angeles, flew to Seattle to meet KT, who was in medical school there, for the first time. At the airport, the two shared a passionate kiss before sightseeing around Washington landmarks like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. That first trip was the start of six years of a long-distance relationship, marked by daily conversations and frequent flights. They finally got to move in together when KT got his residency in Vegas, and KL moved there not long after. Once they were living together, both of them knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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When it came time to propose, KT wanted to pop the question during the summer, as the couple loves the warm weather. The logical location choice was Las Vegas, as it was their first home together. KT booked a stunning open-rooftop penthouse above the 47-story Palms Place building. The modern, luxurious penthouse had a beautiful 360-degree view of the Vegas Strip and offered a romantic ambiance.

Close family and friends drove in from California to help with the setup, which included a large heart made from rose petals, vintage lanterns and a “Marry Me” sign laid out in front of a view of the skyline. KT stood inside the flower heart anxiously waiting for KL’s arrival, a mirror image of how he waited at the airport for KL on that first visit. Meanwhile, KL thought he was coming to a residency graduation party. Surprise and awe came over KL when he realized that this was a proposal hit just as the sun began setting, giving their engagement photos an ethereal golden hour glow.

Kevin + Kevin – Proposal from [JG] on Vimeo.

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Photographer + Videographer: Judy and Gavin Photography
Venue: Palms Place Penthouse (Las Vegas, NV)
Rings: Cartier
Attire: John Varvatos

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