With the warm weather and flowers, it’s easy to see why outdoor weddings are so popular this time of year. However, with beautiful blooms comes seasonal suffering for some, and pollen swirling in the air can quickly create allergy attacks between I Do’s.

Strong lipstick colors (we love the bold shades of CoverGirl’s latest BlastFlipstick collection) with neutral eye shadow that matches your skin tone (try Urban Decay’s Naked Palette) draws attention away from watery or red eyes. Swipe on waterproof mascara to combat emotions and allergies—our tear-proof tested favorite is Mally’s Volumizing Waterproof Mascara. Adding a shimmer lotion, such as , will also help moisturize while producing a pretty, but quiet, look.


For those with extreme cases, it may be wise to pack eye drops in your wedding day emergency kit.

There are different kinds of eye drops which can help clear allergy symptoms and, although all are similar, targeting a specific symptom is often beneficial so that you can feel (and look!) your best.

For prevention: Mast stabilizer drops, such as Alamast, work to block the chemical histamine from either releasing or attaching to eye receptors, which can cause agitation. These drops work before allergen exposure, but will not be helpful if eyes are already irritated. Talk to your doctor before the big day about getting a prescription as these drops usually require one.

For puffy eyes: Decongestant drops, such as Visine, shrink swollen blood vessels and surrounding optic tissues.

For watery and itchy eyes: Antihistamine drops, such as Zaditor, provide quick relief to stop allergy symptoms by preventing histamine to attach to receptors which can trigger agitation. These should be used on an as-needed basis.

Photo: You Ought to be in Pictures from Real Weddings: Shae & Beth