Two lovers, one epic adventure session in Rocky Mountain National Park. The rainbow-haired couple celebrated their adoration for each other on a mountain in Colorado with a photo session in the style of an elopement. This is their love story told through photographs by Katie Dawn Photo.

“Alyssa and Holly are both photographers in a long-distance relationship, and after many months together throughout the pandemic, they decided to take a trip out to Colorado to spend some time together and photograph an elopement in the mountains,” says their photographer, Katie Dawn of Katie Dawn Photos. “We talked about family, our religious upbringings, and all the things they did while they were in Colorado. I think I probably told them a million times how obsessed I am with their rainbow hair and tattoos, and I’ll probably tell them a million times more. We drove up to Trail Ridge road, danced around the tundra, and cuddled in the cold wind. The girls hadn’t seen an elk yet during their trip, but we caught sight of a herd of them before we drove back down the mountain. I’m so glad I got to spend time with these two cuties, and I hope I get the chance to adventure with them someplace else again in the future.”


two white women holding each other while sitting outdoors on a mountain top.

Photographer: Katie Dawn Photo