Are you planning a weekend trip to New York City to get legally married? Or happen to live close enough where you can sneak away to enjoy a few days or more in the Big Apple? NYC is a perfect weekend getaway to tour LGBTQ hotspots and experience a thriving scene. estimates up to 10 percent of the population is gay. Cultural diversity is boundless in this part of America, and it is vital to romp off the beaten path to discover the inner workings of NYC culture. The following is a short list of the most authentic and eclectic happenings and sights that must be included in your short but sweet trip to the Big Apple.

1. The Museum of Sex

Of course, you’ve heard of the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square, but the Museum of Sex is one fun spot that should also be added to your list of must-sees. Playfully dubbed MoSex, it offers an in-depth look at sex in our culture. In addition to the interesting items up for your viewing pleasure, the museum also has an attached bar where you can unwind and discuss your experience over a beer or two.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

2. Greenwich Village

This has been the quintessential hangout for bohemians for ages and there is much to see in this lower Manhattan neighborhood. As it has existed for a few decades, Greenwich Village has had a chance to evolve into a location filled with artists, ne’er-do-wells and the elite, alike. The Village offers you countless attractions to visit within a small radius. New York University and Washington Square Park are both located in this neighborhood and are walkable in a day’s time.

Image via Doug Kerr via Flickr

3. Food in the Village

While you are in the Village, be sure to not only check out landmarks such as Bleeker St., Forbes Galleries and Merce Cunningham’s legendary dance studio, but the restaurants, as well. After all the sightseeing, you will be famished and there are many excellent places to choose from that will suit your budget and tickle your palate. Ushiwakamaru is a sushi spot in the West Village that is rated at a 28 on Zagat’s Review. This rating translates to near-perfection when it comes to the quality of the authentic Japanese meal you will devour. While the price can be on average $89 per person, the experience is worth it.

Image via Fred Benenson via Flickr

4. Broadway

Many theaters linked to Broadway are only a hop, skip and jump from the Village, so naturally you must take in a play during your time in New York. It is an experience that cannot be missed, even on the shortest of treks. The lights, the glamour and the energy of the city are truly captured in the most beautiful of ways through theater. Be sure to avoid the long lines at the box office to make the most of your stay, by purchasing tickets online in advance through sites like Telecharge, and prepare to be wowed by the caliber of talent and expertise on stage.


Public Domain image via WIkimedia Commons

5. Washington Square Hotel

While you’re in NYC, be sure to make accommodations as close to the sights you want to see as possible. The extra cost will be more than made up for when you think about transportation and parking expenses, not to mention the hassle of driving through constant, near-gridlock conditions. Washington Square Hotel, for example, is located directly in the West Village and has suites starting at $200 per night. The hotel also offers walking tours of the Village, as well as features North Square Restaurant.

Image via Alan Turkus via Flickr