mike-moroski-fired-for-support-marriage-equalityMichael Moroski, assistant principal at the Catholic-identified Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati, was officially fired at noon today by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for expressing his personal opinion in support of the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples. He was given an ultimatum Monday, February 4, after he posted a blog on his website, mikemoroski.com, entitled “Choosing Your Battles.”

Moroski has released a personal statement, which includes, in part, the following:

“[…] I could not in good conscience recant my statements. […] As a proud Catholic, I’m heartbroken that my belief that all committed, loving couples should be able to make a public pledge to take responsibility for each other for a lifetime has led to this ultimatum. The expressions of solidarity I have already received from Catholic priests, sisters and justice leaders in the community strengthen my faith during this difficult time. Due to my formation in Catholic grade school, high school and three Catholic universities – not to mention my marriage to the best Catholic I know, my relationship with numerous clergy and a devout Catholic family – I have firmly rooted my life in the Gospel principles of love and justice.

After twelve years of working with teenagers whose respect I have earned, I simply can’t teach them the wrong lesson now and deny my convictions. I would not be able to look them in the eye. I have tried to instill a sense of faith and fortitude in all of them regarding issues of justice for my entire adult life. I did not turn down the Archdiocese’s terms in spite of my faith. I turned them down because of my faith.”

Supporting equality for all is part of Moroski’s personal tennements, and it is because of this that he stands by his statements despite what the Archdiocese believes. He writes, “I believe gay people should be allowed to marry because I believe in the Sermon on the Mount. I try to let the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5 through 7, guide my life.” 

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